Ex Orienti Lux


I believe that the privileges of citizenship within the republic are obtained by, and, furthermore, entail, the obligation to participate in determining the course of the republic. It is not only voting, but participation in the political process, that is critical.

Party Affiliation

I am a proud, registered Democrat. I was at one point a Republican, but that affiliation began to change in the mid-nineties, culminating in my formal resignation from the Republican Party after the 2000 election.


  • I believe that the legitimacy of government comes from its capacity to allow people to live moral lives.
  • I believe that the moral nature of a society can be measured by the degree to which it protects and empowers the weakest, most disadvantaged and degraded members of it.
  • I believe that violence is the greatest tragedy in human History.
  • I believe that of all forms of violence, poverty is the worst.
  • I believe that holding certain immutable aspects of a person's being against him is morally indefensible.
  • I believe that institutions and traditions that have existed for millennia represent tried and true solutions to social problems that we should be very careful about overturning and tinkering with. For every intended consequence of a change, there is at least one unintended consequence which we cannot foresee.