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New direction?

Hi, everyone.

Saal mubarak!

Have a happy new year, every one.


Congrats to Selectah vanBrackle!

My dear, dear friend Greta gave birth to her son Oliver last night! Congrats, GMV!


Eight months late

There's no excuse for the tardiness, really, but here's a shout-out to my buddy of five years, Chris Hickman, and his wife, Meagan.  They have a beau

Oh, vindication is sweet.

Laffer is a douche. So are Republicans. -dx

Thank God that people are starting to wake up.

Seriously, thank God that it's starting to be taken off the table. -dx

Why I love <i>The New Republic</i>, Part the God only knows what.

Once again, The New Republic confirms a massive Dheeraj talking point.

More on Liberals

I am not a Liberal, but God, I love them. So does The New Republic.

And we all know that I love The New Republic.

Happy New Year!

Diwali Mubarak! -d

Welcome home.

It's great to have you back. I've missed you.