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Jazz guitar resources

Here are some jazz guitar resources that have come my way.  I'm going to keep adding to this. Enjoy.

1. Herb Ellis Swing Blues Jazz Guitar Method

2. Wes Montgomery Style Method

3. Jody Fisher Vol. 1

4. Jody Fisher Vol. 2

5. Jody Fisher Vol 3.

6. Jody Fisher Vol. 4.


Why Is It Republicans Have No Talent?

I am not one of those people for whom the political message of some artistic object X is enough to ensure that I will enjoy it. I have heard, seen and read enough awful stuff whose political messages I would otherwise find quite reasonable that was just so abominably made and executed that I couldn't bring myself to do anything with it, and I frequently try to forget it.  This leads me to the question that is probably on everyone's mind: why is it that Republicans seemingly have no artistic talents?  Oh, sure, I know that they have a blog dedicated to proving that it's a vast liberal conspiracy to keep Republicans from succeeding in culture, but if you take a stroll over there, you'll quickly find out that it's because the very cream of their crop are just hideously untalented - I mean, awful.

Listening to their jokes reminds of looking at conservative Christian bumper stickers from my beloved Texas: you have to be so deep in the know on their culture and in-jokes for any of the references to make sense that they look stupid to anyone else, or, more frequently, there's absolutely no subtlety or wit to what they're doing. Case in point:

Does anyone in the world who has more than three teeth find this funny? How about this one? "If you want to get to heaven, turn right and go straight."

Now, beneath the fold, you'll find some competing examples of Democratic and Republican pop music. I've chosen to look at hiphop and rock music, as they're probably the two easiest forms in which one can express political ideas.  Guess which ones suck.


Zander has never met my brother in law

Pop music summary

Hard to top this.


Legit enough to quit?

Tip o'the hat to The New Republic. They are teh awesome.



This is presented without comment. It speaks for itself. Good God.

Josh Hopkins

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So THAT'S what he was saying....

Even if you do like Pearl Jam, which I do, this is pretty damn funny:


R.E.M. > U2

How neat!

Carl David Smith always manages to find the neatest things to show me. Yay, Dave. -dx

Phil is probably the one who'll have the courage to agree with this.

Robert Elms sums it up perfectly.